6 Great Reasons to Have a Birthday Party at a Trampoline Park

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your child’s birthday, you might have thought about a lot of different options. You …

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your child’s birthday, you might have thought about a lot of different options. You might have thought about hosting your child’s birthday at home, and you might have checked into your options for hosting the party at a local park or even a kid-friendly restaurant. Before you book one of these venues or start planning to host the party at home, though, consider these six great reasons to host the party at a local trampoline park instead.

1. Keep the Mess Out of Your Home

On the surface, the idea of hosting your child’s birthday party at home might sound great. You won’t have to worry about going anywhere, and you can save money rather than spending money on a venue rental. However, you do have to think about one thing: the mess that can be created in your home when your child and all of his or her friends are there playing and eating. You might also struggle with having enough room for all of the guests, and parking could even be a concern in your neighborhood. If you host the party at a trampoline park, none of these things are a concern.

2. Make Sure the Kids are Entertained

You might be used to hearing your kids tell you that they’re bored, but you probably don’t want this to happen in the middle of your son or daughter’s birthday party. Making sure that all of the kids who are in attendance are having a great time is important to you, but coming up with enough activities for everyone can be tough. Luckily, hosting the party at a trampoline park is a great way to make sure that everyone has a good time.

3. Have a Little Fun Yourself

You might not have spent any time on a trampoline since you were a child, but it’s not too late. You and the other adults who are in attendance at the birthday party might find that you want to spend a little bit of time on the trampolines, too. Just make sure that you are mindful of any size restrictions for the trampolines before doing so.

4. Encourage the Kids to Be Active

If you host your child’s birthday party at a trampoline park, you can pretty much guarantee that your son or daughter and all of his or her friends are being active and having a good time. Since a lot of kids aren’t getting the physical activity in that they should, doing things to help encourage your kids to stay active is always a good thing. The good news is that a trampoline park won’t just encourage the kids to be active, but it will also help them have a lot of fun.

5. Keep the Kids Safe

Keeping an eye on lots of kids at one time is not easy, and it might be something that you’re concerned about when it comes to your child’s birthday party. After all, you probably really want to make sure that no one gets hurt while celebrating your child’s birthday. Of course, you and any other adults who attend the party should be focused on keeping an eye on everyone if you host a party at a trampoline park, but trampoline parks are usually set up in the safest way possible, and there will probably be staff members on hand who can help with supervising all of the kids who come to the party.

6. Relax a Little

Relaxation might not seem like something that will go hand-in-hand with hosting a child’s birthday party. If you host the party at home or in many venues, then this might be true. If you host it at a venue like a trampoline park, though, you might get help with everything from serving the cake to cleaning up afterward. Then, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying the day instead of stressing yourself out and trying to handle everything without a lot of help.

Hosting a birthday party for your child can be a fun event, but you need to choose the right venue. Luckily, trampoline parks often offer birthday party packages and are actually perfect for children’s birthday parties for these reasons and more.

7 Tips For Doctors Looking To Change Fields Mid Career

Most doctors go into medicine for the rich human relationships and the daily experience of healing. Unfortunately, these rewarding aspects of medical …
Most doctors go into medicine for the rich human relationships and the daily experience of healing. Unfortunately, these rewarding aspects of medical care are becoming increasingly rare, replaced by assembly line care, reams of paperwork, and long nights staring into the jaundiced glow of an EMR.

If you went into medicine and are ready to find a plan B, you are not alone. Hundreds and even thousands of doctors are leaving the field. More than half of physicians say they would not recommend the career to their own children.

1. Remain calm

Are you ready to tell administrators where to shove it and walk out the door? Unfortunately, this could sabotage your future new career. The first step to changing fields away from medicine is to decide exactly what you dislike about medicine and then to find a job that uses your skills and education without the aspects you don’t enjoy.

2. Get your finances in order

Entering medicine comes with a high cost, one that many physicians must pay for decades. If you are like many physicians, you are six figures in debt and slowly working to pay down the balance. Failing to make even one monthly payment can be devastating to your credit and your future. Be realistic about your debt before making the leap to a new career.

3. Be prepared to make trade-offs

Medicine is often a stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming career. However, that comes with an immense reward. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, there is also high income, unrivaled job security, cushy benefits packages, long vacations, and a great deal of community respect. You may have to give up some of these things to make a switch to a new career. Consider exactly which of these advantages you consider expendable and which are essential to your quality of life.

4. Look for new opportunities in medicine

Is the field of medicine really the problem? Maybe you are actually frustrated with your practice, with clinical work, or even with charting. However, there are ways to stay in medicine while avoiding the issues that drive you bonkers. Consider joining a different practice, scaling back, hiring a scribe, and other options to make your career in medicine more tolerable.

5. Make your resume

Even if your new career doesn’t require an MD or DO, there is a good chance that your skills in health care will be transferable in some way. List individual skills that you have acquired in medicine that can be applied to your new specialty. You likely have become good at supervising people of a variety of skill levels, for example, and at managing detailed projects in stressful situations. Although it may sometimes feel like you are a one trick pony as a physician, most doctors are actually quite diversified.

6. Talk to a career counselor

These professionals are not just for college students; they are experts in the various aspects of running a career, especially what it takes to enter one. They can help you find a job that will use your gifts while giving you the satisfaction that you need. There are even career counselors who specialize in medicine available for internet consult. Expert advice may be just what you need to successfully change fields.

7. Connect with colleagues who made the transition

Ultimately, no one can understand the unique challenges you face as well as someone who has been there. Put out feelers for physicians who have successfully transitioned outside the field and found the greener pastures that they sought. These people can be a wealth of information as well as the inspiration you need to make this huge leap. Although many people find medicine to be a rewarding career, there is nothing wrong with being honest about the fact that it just is not for everyone.

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4 Unique Party Gifts For Your Holiday Party

As soon as Halloween has passed, the mad dash for the holidays begins. While you may feel that you have a few …

As soon as Halloween has passed, the mad dash for the holidays begins. While you may feel that you have a few weeks to wait before you begin your holiday shopping, you may just find yourself suddenly frantically searching for the perfect gift when the sudden announcement of an office party is made. Or perhaps your group of friends decided that this year they were going to attempt a gift exchange of sorts. Regardless of the reason, you’re likely going to find yourself needing to buy some party gifts for something. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to send substandard gifts–even to strangers–then you probably take searching for the perfect gift quite seriously. To help you out a bit this year, here are four unique party gifts that you can send to your recipient at the holiday party.

1. Tickets To A Show

Some of the best gifts are an experience and not an actual material object. For your holiday party this year, why not treat one or all of your employees, co-workers, whatever they may be, to a show? During the holidays, there’s plenty of holiday shows being put on by various theatre companies. You tend to have your pick of the lot. Or, for those who may be feeling the strain of the holidays a little early, you can always opt to purchase tickets to a non-holiday show. Whether it’s a musical, comedy, or even a drama, if it’s well-reviewed, you can be sure that the recipients of your party gifts are sure to have a great time. It could very well be the best party gift that they ever receive.

2. Cocktail Kit

The kids are home and so is the extended family. Everyone can use a little help. By acknowledging the stress they’re likely experiencing during the holidays, you can give them a bit of help with a cocktail kit. In a small mason jar, you can put in their choice of a mixer with a complimentary bottle of alcohol. You may have to do a bit of investigative work to see what each person enjoys for their cocktail, but you can be sure that they’ll not only be extremely grateful for the gift, but they’ll be touched that you went the extra mile to tailor their gift to them specifically. Add in some labels, jars, and more to give it a professional feel! Cocktail kits could just save a life this holiday season!

3. Sweets

Another bit of indulgence you can offer your co-workers or employees or friends at the next holiday party is a box of sweets. The box, itself, is an excellent opportunity to do a bit of personalization and creative work to bring in the holiday spirit. Perhaps a few sweet–or funny–poems can be written across the gift box for each personal recipient. Inside of the box, however, is where the real sweets are found. Take the time to buy some excellent quality sweets. Again, if you do a little research and find out what their favorite type of candy is, you can load them up with it. Adults are exhausted during the holidays. Having a box stock-full of sweets and delicious candy could be their go-to during particularly stressful moments. Besides the expensive sweets, you can then overload the box with cheaper candy. Just so you can really give them a bit of an explosion of candy delight.

4. Coffee/Tea Jar

For the office, nothing quite makes it run like coffee. By getting a big mason jar, you can fill it with the favorite brands and brews of coffee that each person enjoys. For those who don’t particularly enjoy coffee, you can easily substitute it out for tea or what other beverage they enjoy drinking that both lifts them up and offers a soothing experience. Again, this gift is made personal by making sure you pack in the coffee blends that each specific person enjoys. You can even go the extra mile and offer a few other coffee or tea-related side-gifts. In some cases, it may actually be a brewer or small teapot. Dress it up with a bow, and your recipients will appreciate it.

The Importance Of Surge Protectors

You have probably spent a good penny on the wide range of different electronics that are in your home. Because of the …

You have probably spent a good penny on the wide range of different electronics that are in your home. Because of the investment that you have made, it is crucial that you use a surge protector to essentially have a sacrifice for your investment. You can find surge protectors virtually everywhere and they can be an incredibly powerful tool in your home.

What is a Surge Protector?

Surge protectors are going to help you plug in multiple electronics at once. There is a long strip of outlets where you can plug five or more items into the strip rather than just using the wall outlet where you have just two outlets available. Also, the surge protector is more than just giving you extra room for the your gadgets. The outlet will also help to sacrifice itself if there is a surge in the power supply. This is especially vital when it comes to storms and other power issues that you might experience in your own home.

Why are They Needed?

If you do not have a surge protector, you are risking losing your electronics due to a storm or other power surge in your area. You never know when there might be an issue with your power or electric, so having this type of protection could essentially save you thousands of dollars in terms of being able to get the job done and know that you are finding it helpful. You will also be able to locate a wide range of these options and find the surge protector that fits your needs the best.

Different Varieties of Surge Protectors

There are lots of different surge protectors on the market. The most popular is the one that has multiple outlets for your gadgets and electronics. However, there are others that are smaller in size or ones that allow you to put the outlet right up against the wall. These types are ideal for tight spaces and can be great for behind dressers, beds and entertainment systems.

How to Use

The way that you use a surge protector is simple. You just plug in the surge protector to the wall outlet and then plug any and all gadgets into the surge protector directly. Turn the surge protector on and you will be fully protected if there is a power issue in your area. Once it is plugged in, you can use this device for virtually any need and it provides you with additional outlets that you may need, especially if you live in an older home that does not have a lot of outlets available to you.

Where to Find and Buy

You can find a good majority of different surge protectors locally and can also find and buy them online. These devices come in different sizes, types and qualities, so the amount that you might pay depends on what you are looking to buy. You can do a bit of research and find the options that fit your needs the best and see for yourself why this has been something that a lot of people are choosing for themselves. It does not hurt to have multiple surge protectors in one home, however, keep in mind that some gadgets need to be plugged in directly to the wall. You will want to look at the guidelines for your electronics to determine how to make use of the surge protector.

Once you have purchased a surge protector and are making use of it, you will find that this not only saves you space, but it is also going to save your electronics if there is a blackout or brown out in your area. You never know when a storm could hit and now is the perfect time for you to make sure that you are doing everything that you possibly can to ensure that you’re able to have those gadgets fully protected. Just look locally or on the internet and you will be able to find the surge protector that is right for you and will be able to use it in your home right away.