January 30, 2012

As Anonymous protests, Internet drowns in inaccurate anti-ACTA arguments

polish-mask-4f26f00-intro.jpeg Many of the claims about ACTA that are circulating among the treaty's opponents are highly misleading or outright inaccurate. arstechnica has been covering ACTA for over four years, and sheds some light on a tricky subject.

quotemarksright.jpg Mainly, thanks in part to an intense public backlash, most of the controversial proposals were stripped out, or at least watered down, in the final version of ACTA.

That final version has been publicly available for months, but many ACTA opponents continue to focus on these deleted provisions in their arguments against the treaty. arstechnica will examine four of the most trenchant claims about ACTA that have been circulating on the Internet in the last week, then compare them to what ACTA actually says.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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