April 27, 2009

Internet users 'could suffer brownouts due to YouTube and iPlayer'

server-cables-canstock-0229606.jpg Internet users will endure slower and less reliable connections from next year as websites such as YouTube and the BBC's iPlayer cause online traffic to double, experts warn, writes The Telegraph.

quotemarksright.jpgComputers will freeze and drop offline with increasing regularity as the web's outdated infrastructure struggles to cope with the surging popularity of bandwidth-hungry video sites, it is claimed.

Analysts are warning that the internet will cease to function as an effective tool of communication becoming merely an "unreliable toy" for casual users unless networks are upgraded.quotesmarksleft.jpg


-- The Exaflood - Technology experts are calling it the exaflood, a massive wave of new video and other bandwith intensive traffic headed for the web. Watch excerpts from a video on the Internet Innovation Alliance website on the Exaflood.

-- Video, interactivity could nab Web users by '10 - The Web will start to seem pokey as early as 2010, as use of interactive and video-intensive services overwhelms local cable, phone and wireless Internet providers.

-- Demand for video reshaping Internet - In 1995, the first warning was raised: The throngs of people swarming to the Internet would overwhelm the system in 1996. For more than a decade, that fear has proven untrue.

-- Interesting: 'Poor man's broadband (PMB). Students to download big files faster by avoiding the internet - It's not often that you get to go faster by avoiding the superhighway, but soon students in Pakistan will be able to download big files faster by avoiding the internet.

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