July 5, 2008

YouTube Responds to Court Order News

gavel.jpg YouTube has posted a response to the court order it received Thursday to hand over user information to Viacom as part the media giantís ongoing $1 billion lawsuit against the video sharing service. [via NewTeeVee]

"... Of course, we have to follow legal process. But since IP addresses and usernames aren't necessary to determine general viewing practices, our lawyers have asked their lawyers to let us remove that information before we hand over the data they're seeking. (You should know, IP addresses identify a computer, not the person using it. It's not possible to determine your identity solely based on your IP address. Rather, an IP address can reveal what geographic area you're connecting from, or which Internet service provider you're using.)

... We'll continue to fight for your right to share and broadcast your work. The court did impose some encouraging limits -- they agreed with us that Viacom should not have access to private videos or our search technology. Also, the information we provide will be designated highly confidential under court order and only Viacom's outside counsel and experts will have access to it. ...

Read full text on YouTube Blog

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