August 30, 2007

High prices questioned as Apple launches TV download service

uglybetty_c4_3.jpg After years of speculation, Apple launched its UK television download service, a project that allows customers to buy a handful of American television series through the company's massively popular iTunes Store. The Guardian reports.

But some experts said the service - whose offerings, for 1.89 a show, include the fictional series Lost, plus Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives - was much more expensive than in the US. The same purchases from the American iTunes Store, where television shows have been available for almost two years, cost just 99p ($1.99) an episode.

"The thing is that British TV viewers already have another place to go to catch up on programmes they have missed, thanks to download services like the BBC iPlayer, which is free," said Mark Mulligan, a technology analyst with Jupiter Research. "I wouldn't be surprised if they had to change their prices soon: we're in a situation where everything is always more expensive in Britain."

Apple refused to comment on how it arrived at the video download prices. "

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