July 10, 2007

TV Debate Moves to Web - How to Count Audiences

061118_WebRatings_wide.hlarge.jpg Television networks and advertisers, mired in confusion over how best to count viewers on the Web, are moving toward common ground, according to TV Week.

"The Internet Advertising Bureau is putting together a team to develop guidelines for counting Web video audiences.

In the absence of industry standards, networks intent on packaging traditional TV spots with online elements are experimenting with different ways of measuring Internet viewers:

-- Turner Broadcasting last week said it intends to report how many episodes of its TNT and TBS series are watched online, rather than how many streams, or segments, of a show get played.

-- Last month, NBC spurred networks to re-examine how they count Web viewers when it announced it had delivered more than 300 million streams of video on

The dispute over how to count audiences on the Internet -- by streams, episodes or show starts -- is heating up as more people watch TV episodes online and advertisers try to figure out how much they should be spending to reach those viewers.

Advertising in streaming video should hit $1.31 billion this year, up 39 percent from last year, according to a June research report from Accustream iMedia Research." Read more.

Image from MSNBC.

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