July 3, 2007

Sex Video Clouds Europe's YouTube Launch

0,1020,908966,00.jpg Following the launch on June 29 of the European Commission Channel on YouTube, allongside a number of videos focusing on more mundane aspects of EU policy is a short, 44 second video with the unassuming title "Film Lovers Will Love This" which is creating quite a stir.

The film has been viewed over 280,000 times and criticism hasn't been far behind. Spiegel reports.

The film, part of a series of short outtakes highlighting an EU fund that helps distribute films made in Europe across the continent, shows racy sex scenes from a number of European movies.

European Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr says that the mini-film has generated a huge amount of complaints", but has expressed disdain for the criticism. "The European Union is not a Bible belt, we believe in freedom of expression and artistic creativity," he said. The clips, he made clear, are from award-winning European films.

Read also the NYTimes take on this story in The Lede Blog.

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