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October 14, 2005

"Ur dumped": texting to end romance

Breaking up is supposed to be hard to do, but young Australian couples have found an easy solution - send a text message and move on, according to the AFP.

"Research shows young romantics are increasingly using SMS text messages to manage, and even end, their relationships.

Macquarie University researcher Natalie Robinson studied the texting habits of 100 young people aged 18-35 and found SMS messaging increased when relationships were beginning or going through a rocky period.

The clinical psychologist said she was surprised to find 15 percent of participants had dumped a partner via text messages."

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September 25, 2005

Call of the Wild: Find a mate with True Blue Love

trueblue.jpg True Blue Love is a mobile phone social networking experience, designed to explore the politics behind intimate phone-based relations.

Designed as a program for mobile phones; each participant enters into the program the characteristics of their ideal sexual mate, chosen from a series of preset selections.

While the program is running, every time another phone comes within range, a love metric is calculated which is a representation of how close the incoming person matches the participant's ideal mate. If the match is close, the phone will emit a raucous mating call that will be unique to that participant.

The concept behind the triggered mating calls is to attempt to undermine the silent technology of messaging and email with vocal communication that expresses the user's desires through a public broadcast, a broadcast that harks back to more primitive exchanges.

[via networked performance]

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September 6, 2005

Translating chat-up lines on the go

boytext.jpg Ttext2insure, a UK-based company that sells travel insurance via SMS, claims more than one in four UK adults have had a romantic fling with a non-English speaking person whilst abroad, reports Finextra.

"This research has been conducted to support the launch of the company's new translation service, which promises to translate a number of key words and phrases and text them to individual's handsets in a matter of seconds.

The service can translate into five key languages - French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. Some of the chat-up lines include: 'you have beautiful eyes', 'would you like to have dinner with me', 'what would you do if I kissed you right now?' and - for those with an important deadline to meet - 'do you have a condom?'

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August 18, 2005

Texting 'boosts dating confidence'

The rise of mobile phone texting and emails has helped British people to be more confident in approaching members of the opposite sex, according to research.

Almost one in five of those asked said using new technology helped them make the first move in the dating game.

The statistic was one of a host of technology related facts featured in the Intel Digital Lifestyle Report, which quizzed 1,000 computer and mobile phone owners, between 18 and 65-years-old. [via]

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August 5, 2005

Phone technology aids UAE dating

_41345925_ahmed203.jpg As part of a series on young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website discovers how technology is aiding the secret liaisons of young men and women in the conservative culture of the United Arab Emirates.

... Among UAE nationals - as the minority of the UAE's residents that are not expatriates are called - it is generally considered impolite for a man to speak to a woman he is neither married nor related to in public.

Traditionally, a young man's first amorous approach to a woman is supposed to be a marriage proposal made by his parents to her parents.

But the cards, scraps of paper and mobile phone messages that pass from male to female are testament to the double existence of some young UAE nationals as they take their love lives into their own hands.

And bluetooth is proving particularly useful, enabling young men to send notes to girls within a 10 metre radius without knowing their phone number."

Related stories:

-- Girls go dating with their identity concealed in a burqa (India)

-- SMS is "the way to do it" in India

-- Custodians of morality must reckon with cellphones (Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states)

-- Mobile Phone Is Matchmaker in Singapore

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August 3, 2005

Soccer star silent on SMS pick-up routine

riise1005.jpg Norwegian international football star John Arne Riise was the center of attention in Norway's tabloid press after a revelation that he had sent the same text message pick-up line via mobile phone to a range of well-known women, reports Aftenposte.

"Riise, who is a fixture on Champions League winner Liverpool in England's Premier League, refused to comment after newspaper VG unfurled the details of the 24-year-old's telephone seduction technique.

VG revealed the names of at least ten celebrity women - singers, models and media personalities - who received the same flattering, if poorly written, message inviting them to a romantic dinner for two."

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July 30, 2005

Singles work on sex drive

The Advertiser has an article on Jam Texting, first first written up in 2002 - but hasn't made the papers in a while - which conducted from a car while waiting in traffic, enables a mobile user to text someone interesting-looking in a car nearby.

"Singles register their number plate and mobile details with the service provider and are given a number they can send their message to.

It is forwarded to the mobile phone of the object of their desire - if that person is also a member. If they are not a member, the message is stored and revealed to them later if they join?

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July 25, 2005

Hey, baby, want a date?

smallplanet.jpg For those of you still warming to the idea of online dating, get over it. Mobile dating is the next big leap in online socializing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

With advances in cell phone technology and wireless networks, users can browse truncated profiles, view photos of possible dates and exchange cheesy lines via text messaging.

The technology has advanced to the point where a person can turn a cell phone into a sort of homing device to find a date just a short distance away. SmallPlanet, a mobile social networking company, has come up with a way for its compatible users to be alerted when they are within range of each other, in most cases about 30 feet for now.

One promising technology is location-based dating, in which users can be alerted to a potential match just down the street or somewhere in their ZIP code.

"I can go to a club, and the phone becomes a transponder," said Joe Brennan Jr., vice president of Webdate, the industry leader with 5 million users. "I can find someone I match up with, and that facilitates a meeting."

While location-based services are yet to be introduced, some companies are touting proximity dating using Bluetooth-enabled phones, which are equipped to transmit and receive short-range wireless signals.

"You could have Bluetooth running and then when you walk into a bar, it's automatically sensing and using the program and serving up pictures and profiles, and if someone meets your criteria, they can meet you." said Hunter Heaney, chief executive officer of SmallPlanet. "It's about getting past that point of pain of going up to talk to someone at a bar."

With fewer than 6 million users in the United States, mobile dating is small compared with the estimated 40 million users of traditional computer- based online dating services."

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July 19, 2005

Girls go dating with their identity concealed in a burqa

burkasunglasses2.jpg Many love-struck girl students in Jamshedpur (India) are cloaking themselves in burqas to sneak out of college to meet their boyfriends - leaving the authorities fuming, reports

"The girls, afraid of being spotted and rebuked for bunking classes to go on dates, usually rent the burqas - a cloak traditionally worn by Muslim women - from shopkeepers.

Hidden behind a veil from head to toe, they freely meet their boyfriends in parks, cinema halls and other places.

So much so that the Jamshedpur Women's College administration and police in this Jharkhand city are now making a concerted effort to catch such girls.

Many girls reportedly use mobile phones inside the college campus to contact their boyfriends. The mobiles are concealed under their cloaks."

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July 8, 2005

SMS is "the way to do it" in India

Over a billion SMS are sent every month by India's 56 million mobile phone subscribers. SMS is especially popular with young people for whom the mobile phone is private channel of communication with the opposite sex. Especially important in a country where "dating" does not enjoy widespread parental sanction.

The popularity of SMS has inspired 52 year old musician Remo Fernandes to compose a pop track: 'Love on SMS' in his new album. In the video, Remo, he helps a young boy fumbling to declare his love for a girl. Remo hands him a cellphone and tells him "SMS is the way to do it."

(via PSFK)

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July 3, 2005

The Ring Me ring

Project Sneeze, a collaboration between Keigo Harada and Gina Reimann, designs simple and playful gadgets for everyday life. Their "Ring Me" ring (project number 7) turns the gesture of giving someone your number into a very meaningful occasion. They suggest engraving your phone number -- instead of a love sentence -- onto the inside of a ring to be given to someone you wish to "ring" you.

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June 24, 2005

Cellphone flirting ends with a ring

GuyandGirlInphone.gif Flirtnet, a mobile phone dating service and meeting hub enabling people to chat and flirt, is proud to announce the first ‘SMS Dating' Marriage in South Africa - two widows in their sixties.

From The Star: (Thanks Rodney!)

"Pensioner (60), loves animals and outdoor life." That's the message former boxing champ Frikkie Jacobs punched into his cellphone, then pressed "send".

The SMS left his phone in Kempton Park and whizzed via the Flirtnet network, 1 300km through the air, landing in Irene Malherbe's cellphone in the Eastern Cape town of Patensie.

Malherbe, whose own profile read "widow (63), loves outdoors", sent an SMS back: "What's your name?"

A year later, the couple will be saying "I do" at a wedding ceremony in Pretoria this Saturday." [...]

image003 3.gif

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May 29, 2005

SMSing around for a one-night stand

smsdating.gif SMS sex-clubbing is the latest urban social phenomenon playing out in Indian metros, according to the Hindustan Tines.

"There are websites like FunWithMobile, BombayLove, ChennaiGuys, DelhiLovers, GayBangalore where you can become a member for a annual fee of as little as Rs 1,000 ($23.-) and get to access a database of cell numbers.

Young professionals have no time to waste on romance, says sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari. “It's an age of instant gratification, and all they want is a one-night stand for quick release.

But, yes, this can be dangerous: you don't know anything about the person you're going out with.”Except, of course, the mobile number".

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May 22, 2005

Custodians of morality must reckon with cellphones

quadro.jpg The battle for the soul of Arab youth is waged all over the Middle East, with many contrasts. In cosmopolitan Beirut, the sexes mingle freely. In Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states they can't even meet, reports the The Associated Press.

"Yet even the fiercest custodians of morality haven't reckoned with cellphones. Nowadays a boy and girl can stand in a busy Saudi mall, behaving like complete strangers while text-messaging intimacies to each other".

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April 18, 2005

SpeedDater goes mobile

mobiles.jpg SpeedDater Mobile enables singles to search for dates on their mobiles by inputting their own profile and picture, then viewing other user profiles via their phone, according to Netimperative.

"Users can also send and receive chat requests to have conversations with other members.

The mobile Internet-based service can be accessed by texting “Speed” to 89233 or via the site.

The mobile service comes a year after the launch of SpeedDater Online, the brand's online dating service that the firm claims attracts 100,000 registered users."

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February 9, 2005

Proxidating? The world's first ever Bluetooth proximity dating software? [From favorite Red Ferret]

Maybe your dream date is but a few metres away… Proxidating is a totally new way for single people to meet up instantly. All you need to do is install Proxidating on your mobile phone, create your profile, enable Bluetooth and wait for your dream date to appear… Whenever you come within about 15m of a person with a matching profile your phone will alert you ! Only people with matching profiles will be linked via their phones. Proxidating automatically sends the text and image that you have defined to your potential date. In the same way, you will receive text and image from the matched partners phone… then its up to you !

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August 31, 2004

First mobile six-degrees-of-separation social network goes public

A new UK based friends network, playtxt, uses six-degree's-of-separation via a mobile phone to meet friends, or friends of friends safely and easily when one is out and about on the town, according to a company press release.

"After signing up via your mobile or online at, you simply click on profiles of people who are your friends (or invite your friends to signup by text) and you can then begin exploring the network that starts to emanate around you."

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August 30, 2004

Same Text Marriage at

On eve of the Republican Convention, mobile community Upoc Networks announces the upcoming marriage of a couple who met via text messaging on its mobile community service,

The couple will host a mobile messaging-based reality program in the nation about their upcoming wedding beginning September 10, according to a (silly) company press release.

The couple will host a messaging event as it gives America updates on the wedding planning, all leading up to the big day, through Upoc. People who want to participate can join in by sending a text message with "Join weddingblog" to 8762 (U-p-o-c) from their mobile phones. From that point on, they will get occasional text, voice and picture messages from David and Brenda.

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August 11, 2004

Mobile Phone Is Matchmaker in Singapore

matchmaking.jpg The singles of Singapore have plenty of help: Phone chat-lines, dating agencies and even the government are all dedicated to pairing up people. Now a software company is turning the mobile phone into a matchmaker, reports the WSJ.

"Software company BEDD has launched a mobile-phone matchmaking service, also called BEDD. Subscribers download the software to their phones -- which are enabled with Bluetooth short-range wireless technology -- and key in some personal details, such as who they are and the kind of person they'd like to meet. When a potential partner is in the vicinity the phone alerts them.

The service can seek out other users within about a 20-yard range. It ranks them on a scale of one to five in terms of compatibility. After viewing the profile, the user must decide whether to take the next step -- usually sending a text message.

There are other mobile-phone dating services in Asia: Singapore Telecom's MyCupid and Bharti Airtel of India's TrackUrMate, for example. But BEDD is different from these because it uses Bluetooth phone-to-phone transmission, and not a central database. Service providers in the U.S. and Europe are also catching on to using Bluetooth's short-range radio signals for dating services.

In Japan, meanwhile, so-called proximity dating -- which relies on the relative location of would-be couples and wireless technology to bring singles together -- has taken off. Japanese service providers such as ImaHima use global positioning systems to help like-minded users locate one another. "

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August 9, 2004

Bad Date? Use Your Cell Excuse

A Wired article details both Cingular and Virgin USA's "rescue calls", covered last week in Ringtonia.

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August 5, 2004

How to make friends on the telephone

tn_makefriends.jpg Where on earth did Red Ferret stumble on this one? He's outdone himself again!

How to Make Friends by Telephone. "Priceless, priceless, priceless".

Speak directly into the phone, using a normal, natural tone of voice. Shouting distorts your voice and is not pleasant. It's also irritating to try to understand someone who whispers or mumbles.

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June 24, 2004

Wanted: New Friend, Must Have Bluetooth

buds.jpg Student Gracinia Lim has made new friends thanks to mobile phone software that alerts her to compatible people nearby. She is an early customer of a service in Singapore called BEDD that uses Bluetooth wireless communications to scan strangers' phones for their personal profiles, reports Reuters.

"Users download the BEDD software into a compatible phone, complete a short profile of themselves and include a description of who they want to befriend, or an item they want to buy or sell.

The software automatically searches for and exchanges profiles with other phones that come within a 20-meter (65 ft) radius. Matched users are given each other's contact details.

EDD differs from rival services in that it relies on phone-to-phone transmission, running on the short-range Bluetooth technology".

Related article: Mobile users in Singapore make new friends with BEDD

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June 12, 2004

«Shag Phone» or Mobile Adulterous Behaviour

adultery.jpg An insightful post from The Mobile Technology Weblog via on mobile adulterous behaviour.

"I heard someone (honest) talking about their "shag phone" the other day. He was a married man having an affair with a lady who was also married. It seems that one of the first heady rituals of the affair was to purchase a "his and her" pair of Pre-pay shag phones..

Only they knew each other's number, so when the phone rang, they could answer in an appropriately passionate way. While much the same effect could be achieved with caller recognition (assuming they were mobile literate), there was more than just a romantic gesture involved with this behaviour.

Technology still can't hide your phone bill from a suspicious spouse. And it can't hide your amour's frequently dialed number from prying eyes. Better to get a pair pre-pay phones with no incriminating phone bills or records. A small example of how the mobile is impacting on 21st century life.

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June 1, 2004

Hooking Up - Technodetermist Sex?

teenagerstalk.jpg Are cell phones and SMS responsible for new sex habits among American teens? Or are teens simply exercising their hormonal proclivities by any means necessary? Rushkoff ponders about this in an entertaining way in his journal in

"An article in this week's NY Times Magazine reveals what many of us have known about America's teens for the past decade: they're having sex, but with out the "bother" of relationships. They simply hang out in groups and, when they want sex, they find one of their "friends with benefits" and then "hook-up."

That most of these hookups seem to happen after a bit of SMS requires that we wonder, however, if there's a bit technology at work here, reconfiguring age-old sexual practices.

[...] While I can't help but wonder what it might have been like to solicit - and achieve - sexual union when I was 15 through a six-word message to a "friend with benefits," I also wonder if these reductionist, no-frills hook-ups, intentionally unencumbered by any other emotional content, will lead to a new spirit of sexual liberation, or commodify intimacy even further than our marketers have. Content with no context.

I mean, is sex the medium or the message?"

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May 26, 2004

Dodgeball expands to 5 new cities - "friendster for mobile phones" - just launched in 5 new cities: Austin, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Washington DC.

Related article: About

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I just text messaged to say ILU

Blog star Xeni Jardin is interviewed by Fox News on text-messaging and romance. She says via

"Bottom line in my book of digital dating manners for well-bred nerds: hot-n-heavy haiku, fone-flirting, and pickup lines by text are all hot. Breaking up by SMS is not -- but it's also not entirely uncommon, particularly among late teens and twentysomethings".

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May 25, 2004

Women prefer SMS to make the first romantic move

According to a survey conducted by Swinburne University of Technology in Victoria, Australia, women prefer text messages when it comes to initiating a relationship on their own, reports WebIndia.

"57 per cent of women said they would rather make the first move with a text message after an initial meeting, while only 25 per cent said they would phone. 61 per cent males were likely to phone as compared to 59 percent who preferred to text".

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May 17, 2004

Looking For A Spring Fling? Try Sendo's Top Five Tips For Text Flirting

An entertaining press release from Sendo, a British mobile phones supplier to Network Operators around the world.

Sendo offers its top five tips for text flirting to Londoners who are tired of their winter woollies and are looking for a spring fling. Whether it's the girl next door or the bloke behind the bar, text flirting is an easy way to make dating more fun.

Sendo's Top Five Tips For Text Flirting:

-- play hard to text - don't respond immediately

-- Learn the lingo - use short cuts

-- Send quick love notes

-- Don't forget face time or better, send your picture by MMS

And some good advice, remember others can access your text messages.

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Jam Texting

The Scotsman counts the weird and wonderful ways to ensnare a mate, amongst which is a practice reffered to as jam texting, first written up in 2002 - but hasn't made the papers in a while - which conducted from a car while waiting in traffic, enables a mobile user to text someone interesting-looking in a car nearby.

How do you know their phone number? Thanks to Textjam' service which forwards the message onto the phone of the person you've spotted - if he/she has also a registered member of this service.

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May 10, 2004

SMS love cheat's $7000 sting

A text message casanova in Australia has duped a single mum into incurring a $7000 SMS bill, reports the The Advertiser.

"Kaylene Grimes says she was made to feel special by the man she met on a chat line. She believed he loved her. But she now believes he was a paid-by-text employee of a chat company that pays Optus about 20 per cent of its profits.

"David" made regular excuses to avoid a meeting or using a phone number that was not being charged at the premium SMS rate. Ms Grimes finally realised she was being conned when her phone and internet were cut off.

Optus offered to cut the bill to $3500. When Ms Grimes's parents requested a log of the SMS messages, Optus stalled.

The company waived the entire bill on Thursday last week, the same day the Herald Sun published an article on SMS chat frauds."

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