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July 5, 2005

RSS synchronized with your web feeds

Litefeeds is an application that you can install over the air to your mobile device (or download and install). Once litefeeds is installed, your mobile device will synchronize with your online account, receiving all your feeds.

Feeds are cached,compressed and stripped so your mobile experience is fast and simple. By selecting "full txt" from the menu you can retrieve the full article associated with that feed, or if you see the icon you can select "view img" to get any images. Also "clip" articles to your online clip board and share with others.


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November 15, 2004

AOL's Working on Mobile RSS Reader

Interesting, following a previous post just a couple of days ago, RSS has a great potential in mobile phones, a position paper by Sony Ericsson.

"AOL is starting work on a Java and Brew-based mobile RSS newsreader... capable of running on wireless devices. [via Unmediated via]

"The UI-rich application would allow users to browse for their most popular feeds as well as receive notifications on feed updates on their wireless devices. Features such as locality specific feeds (e.g. automatically get a feed of all theaters near your current location, with what movies are running) could also be integrated."

Seems like AOL will use it to deliver local info and alerts.

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November 13, 2004

RSS has a great potential in mobile phones

From Sony Ericsson position paper - Mobile Web Initiative Workshop

Mobile Web use cases #2: information updates
To further address the issue of how to get users online, and their reluctance to browse the Web in the traditional meaning, we look at another major trend.

Push services are on the rise on the Internet, based on the de facto standard RSS. We believe that RSS has a great potential in mobile phones, as a technology to automatically provide updated content to users - accessing the Web without browsing.

[ via All about Mobile Life ]

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