January 23, 2013

Bad parking job? Text the driver (anonymously) through the license plate

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.00.48 PM.png

C/Net reports on a text messaging service called CurbTXT available in San Francisco, that enables drivers to send anonymous text messages to drivers who have badly parked their car or have left their lights on. A CurbTXT sticker on the car gives people an anonymous way to contact the driver through text messaging by referencing the plate number. The service then forwards the message to the owner.

Here in Switzerland we have a similar service but with no privacy protection other than the option of opting out (not in - so you have to know about this to opt out). CAR INDEX enables Swiss drivers to text a license plate number and receive instantly in return, the car owners name adddress and when available, his phone number. Astounding. So far no stalking or crimes have been reported due to this app.

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