January 20, 2013

Foreigners get mobile in North Korea

northkorea.jpg Foreigners visiting North Korea can now take their own mobile phones into the country, Chinese state media Xinhua has reported via News.com.au.

quotemarksright.jpgHighly secretive North Korea has a domestic Intranet service with a limited number of users. Analysts say access to the Internet is for the country's super-elite only, meaning a few hundred people or maybe 1000 at most.

... Foreigners need to fill out a form to provide their phone's IMEI - International Mobile Station Equipment Identity - number with North Korea's customs agency to bring in their personal device.

Previously, foreigners were required to leave their phones with customs and pick them up when leaving the country, the report said.

The technician also told Xinhua that foreigners using a phone based on the WCDMA 3G mobile standard can buy a SIM card in North Korea from Koryolink for 50 euros ($A63) and make international calls.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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