January 19, 2013

What Will The 3D Printing Crowd Do With Nokia's Templates For The Lumia 820?

7937644798.jpeg Nokia’s decision Friday to release the modelling files to allow 3D printing of the back shells of the Lumia 820 is an interesting move. Forbes reports.

quotemarksright.jpgNot only does it endear Nokia to the ‘physical homebrew’ community of 3D modelers, and portrays Nokia as a forward thinking and innovative company (a vital asset as they continue their return to smartphone relevancy), most importantly it’s going to let them see what the hacking community can do with this basic design.

While the majority of shells printed in this way are going to be simply for a unique colour, or to facilitate a design or etching on the back side of the smartphone, there are going to be some outlandish designs and ideas put into practice. Nokia is going to be watching the evolution of their 3D Printing Kit (The 3DK) very carefully, and the lessons learned by observing where this goes will be fed back into their own production process, benefiting everyone.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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