January 14, 2013

Kenya trials text message alerts in bid to curb poaching

savetheleephants.gif Security officials at Kenya Wildlife Service hope system will help national parks reduce poaching by up to 90%, reports The Guardian.

quotemarksright.jpgKenya's wildlife agency is installing an alarm system that alerts rangers to possible poachings by text message, following the shooting of an entire family of 11 elephants last week.

Security officials at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) hope that the system, connected to fences around parks and wildlife sanctuaries, will help reduce poaching by up to 90%.

When an animal interferes with the fence or a person tries to tear down the fence, the alarm produces a very loud sound which is relayed to the security switchboard as an SMS message and shows the location. Reinforcement is then sent to the affected area.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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