January 1, 2013

New Technique To Study The Impact Of Cell Phone Radiation

electromagneticwaving.jpeg A metal-free antenna may help scientists find out, once and for all, whether cell phones cause cancer. PopSci reports.

quotemarksright.jpgResearchers from Princeton have designed an antenna that emits radio frequencies in the same way as cell phones, but doesn’t include any of a phone’s pesky metal parts. They’ve already put the antenna next to a cow’s brain inside an MRI and tracked the resulting hot spots in the brain.

In the future, the antenna system should allow scientists to build an accurate 3-D map of cell phone radiation in the human brain--a crucial step in determining how much energy the organ is exposed to at a time, and whether those little doses might add up to a real threat.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read full article. Image: Electro-Magnetic Model Electro-magnetic waves from the phone’s antenna penetrate the brain several centimeters deep. Paul Wootton

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