November 11, 2012

OK, app, what should I wear to this wedding?

Wedding, first dates, job interviews... the days of agonising over what to wear may soon be over, according to NewScientist.

quotemarksright.jpgMagic Closet, a clothing-selection system developed at the Chinese Academy of Science and the National University of Singapore, suggests clothing from your own wardrobe based on the event you plan to attend.

First, it catalogues your clothes, using a Microsoft Kinect camera to identify defining features such as sleeve length, colour and collar type.

Then, when you ask it for an outfit, the software selects the best matches from its database of 25,000 outfit images, skimmed from online shopping websites and photo-sharing site Flickr - and presents pictures of its selected items of your clothing.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 6.32.57 PM.png
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