November 5, 2012

A Mobile Money Revolution in the Developing World

Subscriptions_byregion.png A must read article by Lonnie Shekhtman for TriplePundit on exciting mobile innovations geared towards improving lives in the developing world, some based in their local markets and others developed internationally. Here are four noteworthy innovations focused on improving access to financial services and fair wages:

quotemarksright.jpg Labor Link

Labor Link allows companies to easily communicate information—via SMS and voice recordings—to workers across their entire supply chain, and to collect real-time data from them on satisfaction, working conditions and social impact...


Helps low-income individuals and small businesses track their daily accounting via mobile phones...


Allows people to send and receive money quickly and easily through their mobile phones...

Kopo Kopo

Allows Kenyan consumers to pay merchants via their mobile phones, while providing a web-based application that enables small- and medium-sized businesses to accept and track these mobile transactions...quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read full article. via @jranck.

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