October 2, 2012

Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat


Sensors implanted in cows let Swiss farmers know when they are in heat. When that is the case, the device sends an SMS to the farmer’s phone — in any one of Switzerland’s three main languages; German, French and Italian, plus English or Spanish. The device is to marketed early next year. [via The New York Times]

quotemarksright.jpgThe electronic heat detector is the brainchild of several professors at a technical college in the nearby Swiss capital of Bern. It fills a market gap, they say, because dairy cows, under growing stress to produce larger quantities of milk, are showing fewer and fewer signs of heat. That makes it harder for Swiss farmers to use traditional visual inspections to know when to bring on the bull or, in about 80 percent of the cases these days, the artificial inseminator.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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