July 22, 2012

App that lets you know what other apps are doing with your data has been removed from App Store


Do you know what your apps are doing when you are not paying attention? How are they taking care of your personal data? An iOS app called Clueful from security company Bitdefender told users exactly what the apps on their iPhone were doing. That is a valuable service for consumers who may trust an app simply because it had the App Store stamp of approval, when not all apps are so trustworthy. Yet Apple has removed Clueful from the App Store for unspecified reasons.

quotemarksright.jpgAccording to Bitdefender, Clueful “identifies deviant apps on your iPhone. It looks at what applications are currently running in memory and it retrieves audit information from the Clueful Cloud. This audit info lets you know if the app is taking your address book, sharing your location, etc.”

Clueful would also let you know if an app integrated a mobile analytics platform so it could track a user’s behavior within the app. Mobile analytics is a powerful tool for developers, and the information is extremely useful to developers for marketing and designing updates.

... What this comes down to is a basic matter of trust. Apple wants consumers to implicitly trust what they download from the App Store. The company has established a rigorous approval process for any app that is published on the App Store for precisely that reason. If Apple cannot keep malicious or carelessly developed apps out, people will not trust the App Store and will be less likely to download from it.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read full article. Image from Dialphone review of Clueful.

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