March 3, 2012

EFF publishes mobile user privacy bill of rights

EFFlogo.jpeg With a mobile privacy scandal coming every few weeks or so it seems, consumers are getting so they don't trust the app developers to do the right thing. But what exactly is the right thing? C/net reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe Electronic Frontier Foundation has some ideas. The non-profit organization released a Mobile User Privacy Bill of Rights today that offers up suggestions for how data should be treated to protect the privacy of consumers.

The guide, written by EFF activist Parker Higgins, is similar to EFF's Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Network Users in listing rights of mobile users that developers should respect, such as the right to control over their data, focused data collection, transparency and security. It also offers technical suggestions including using encryption, anonymization and obfuscation techniques and allowing users a way to opt out of tracking with Do Not Track features.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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