February 25, 2012

Smart baby pyjamas send text messages when diapers need changing

exmobaby.jpg The Guardian reports on some of the innovations that will be unveiled Monday in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2012, including smart baby pyjamas that will send a text message or e-mail when a baby's diapers need changing - but will also be able to monitor heartbeat, emotional state, temperature and activity level.

quotemarksright.jpg Exmobaby will demonstrate a wearable baby monitor that can detect an infant's vital signs and relay them to phones, PCs and tablets. The sensors are hidden under layers of fabric, which the manufacturer says makes them virtually undetectable to human touch.

The washable pyjamas pick up humidity, movement, skin temperature and heart rate. They connect to the internet using low-power digital radio… and are, of course, rechargeable.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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