November 30, 2011

Mobiles for conflict management in Yemen

Yemen-Hadramout3_2.jpeg An interesting post from on how virtual meetings using mobile phones are helping to resolve tribal conflicts in Yemen.

quotemarksright.jpg... A tribal dispute hotline was created to receive notifications about developing disputes in order to address them before they escalate and become violent. After the dispute notification is received, the trained tribesmen in that area are contacted to react to the complaint, and resolve it in its early stages.Tribal leaders on both sides are called to start a negotiation process and propose an arbitrator to resolve the dispute.

This process has been largely effective and in many cases prevented wider conflicts from emerging. In fact, many of the regional and tribal wars in Yemen were initially a result of small disputes that due to the lack of communication channels between tribes, turned into brutal conflicts that in some cases lasted for decades. And although the use of mobiles in conflict resolution in Yemen relies on the most basic of its functions, the outcomes are promising.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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