November 4, 2011

Operators better say goodbye to the SMS cash cow

The carrier cash cow of SMS text messaging is on the wane, driven by third-party messaging apps that include BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage, Skype and others. GigaOM reports.

As the future of SMS changes, itís worth considering who might stick with paying for it a decade from now. Martin Sauter over at WirelessMoves says there may still be a market in his excellent post on the topic.

quotemarksright.jpgPerhaps SMS will become or remain an alternative for people who like privacy and services that donít store and analyze messages for targeted advertising, building social graphs, etc. After all, unlike for web-based services for which users donít pay anything and are in fact NOT the customer but only a source of information that can be monetized and on top give up some of their privacy, for the SMS service they might still be that: The customer, who pays for the service of sending and receiving messages, free from other needs of monetization such as selling information gained to third parties.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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