November 2, 2011

Cell Phones and Texting - not fair game when deer hunting

imgres.jpegPennLive reports.

quotemarksright.jpgYears ago, about the only electronics in the field for deer hunts were two-way radios walkie-talkies which, of course, have given way to cellphones. And in a big way a majority of the 500,000 or so hunters in the field this season will likely have cellphones with them.

Tim Collette, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer for the Pequot Lakes area, MN, agreed that cellphones have their place in the field in these modern-day hunts. But misuses remain a concern.

"It isn't even the calling back and forth or the texting. The main thing people need to remember is that it's fine to text or call another hunter and say 'I want to go in. It's cold.' Or 'I need help dragging this deer out.' But where they cross the line is you can't use electronics to aid in the taking of big game. You can't say 'A deer is coming in your direction.' Or 'We're making a drive. Get ready.' That's aiding and abetting. But with the prominence of texting, people don't even stop and think about it. They automatically do it.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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