June 3, 2011

Concussion Recognition App

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz002.jpg A doctor at the University of North Carolina teamed with other head-trauma researchers to develop an application that helps determine whether someone may have suffered a concussion, called the Concussion Recognition & Response: Coach & Parents.

Via PhysOrg.com. Concussion Recognition and Response™ (CRR) press release.

This follows new research from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine that shows that doctors can make a stroke diagnosis using an iPhone application with the same accuracy as a diagnosis at a medical computer workstation - not through a series of questions like the concussion apps though, but through visualization.

Here's another concussion app found in the Apple Store, which is also a tool for parents and coaches of young athletes, helping them to recognizes a concussion by asking the right questions.

ConcussionBy SportSafety Labs, LLC: In their own words: It contains information on how to recognize a concussion in a convenient, portable format for use at sporting events. The Concussion App also includes useful emergency functions to call an ambulance via 911, to locate the nearest hospital with driving directions, and to send your location coordinates via email to emergency contacts and rescue personnel.

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