February 16, 2011

Brand sends free, personalized recipes via Twitter

quieroreceta.jpg Spanish food brand Gallina Blanca recently launched a Twitter service for recipes. Springwise reports.

quotemarksright.jpgFollowers of Gallina Blanca's “Qué cocino hoy?” service on Twitter simply send a tweet using the hashtag #quieroreceta and listing the ingredients they want to use.

So, someone seeking a recipe that involves tomatoes, ham and carrots, for example, would tweet, “#quieroreceta tomates + jamón + zanahoria.” When it receives the tweet, Gallina Blanca then searches its database for an appropriate recipe and sends a link to it in a direct message to the user.

If there isn't a good option, the brand invites the user to try something different. Users can also request alternate suggestions by tweeting “#quieroreceta #otra.”quotesmarksleft.jpg

How cool is that?

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