January 17, 2011

Spectrum Analyzer Catches Cell Phone Cheats In Taiwan

FSH4 .jpg According to Information Week, German communications equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz said that Taiwanese government officials recently purchased three of its FSH4 spectrum analyzers to watch for the presence of cell phones.

quotemarksright.jpgThe goal was to monitor an exam hall filled with prospective government workers. Officials prohibit cell phones during exams, because answers could be relayed to test takers by voice or text.

The National Communications Commission, Taiwan's broadcasting regulator, also requested that the spectrum analyzers -- normally used to test cell phone signal strength -- have specific software modifications.

The modified devices were used in conjunction with earpieces, so that roving exam monitors would be quietly alerted when they were in the presence of an active cell phone. Officials said they identified at least three individuals using smartphones during the exam, though couldn't say whether they'd be formally accused of cheating. quotesmarksleft.jpg

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