December 7, 2010

Prisoner Uses Mobile Phone to Video Security Lapses Inside Jail

We've heard a lot about prisoners getting hold of cell phones and what they do with them, but this story takes the cake. A British prisoner was able to not only get hold of a mobile phone and use it to video other crimes taking place, but was also able to then pass them to a journalist working for the Sky News TV channel. [via Cellular News]

quotemarksright.jpgThe phone was allegedly purchased from a corrupt prison official at Bullingdon prison in Oxfordshire by prisoner Michael Long who then used it over several weeks to make clandestine video recordings of activities in the prison.

The videos showed poor prison security, the ease with which illegal drugs were conveyed into the jail and a lack of training and rehabilitation for the prisoners before their release.

Long told Sky News that he hoped to raise awareness about the lack of rehabilitation facilities for offenders in Bullingdon, saying: "Where's the rehabilitation? There's no training courses in this prison. I've been here a year, and all I've done is lie in bed."quotesmarksleft.jpg

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