October 5, 2010

Tony Curtis Buried With his iPhone

Actor Tony Curtis loved his iPhone so much that he was buried with it in Las Vegas of all places. Along with other possessions a Stetson hat, an Armani scarf, driving gloves and a copy of his favorite novel, "Anthony Adverse."

[MSNBC via Gizmodo]

More on handsets being taken to the grave:

-- The first cases of people asking to be buried with their phone originated in Cape Town - Some people's belief in witchcraft meant they feared that "they could fall under a spell, be put to sleep and actually be buried.

-- The "Phone Angel" - The "Phone Angel," a long-life battery powered cell phone device, allows those in mourning to have contact with the deceased.

-- Japan's camera phone craze spreads to funerals - Japanese mourners at funerals now using the devices to capture a final picture of the deceased.

-- The cellphone gravestone - A cell phone shapped gravestone.

-- Dead Ringer - John Jacobs' $55 Verizon bill gets paid every month and his cell number is even etched into his gravestone under the words "Rest in Peace."

-- Bury me with my cell phone - Anecdotal evidence suggests being buried with a favorite tech device is on the upswing.

-- An iPhone coffin - An iPhone themed casket.

-- Nokia brand coffins - One of the stranger accessories for cell phones on the Ghana market.

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