September 20, 2010

Gangs buying Apple iPhone 4s to sell abroad

Apple Store, Rue de Rive.jpeg Professional gangs of traders are buying up contract-free phones from Apple Stores to sell abroad, writes The Telegraph and if Apple stores' sales policy is the same in other countries as in Switzerland, I'm sure they will have success in selling them to disappointed customers.

Here in Geneva I have been to the Apple store over 20 times since the iPhone 4G launch July 30th. Not wanting to wait in the long line on launch date, I walk in the store twice a week and ask if they have stock. The store either does not have stock or they have stock but you have to pay full price, you can't benefit from your operator's plan. Why? Once their computer system was not working, once "just because". A couple of weeks ago there was a line again. What for I asked? We have iPhone 4Gs in stock.

I'm not waiting in line for hours nearly two months after a launch date. I will probably some day just cross the street to the Swisscom store and place an order and wait the 5 weeks lead time. Probably the only way I will be able to get an iPhone 4G here.

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