June 7, 2010

The Sex Life of Male Rabbits is Affected by Mobile Phone Exposure - Study

Bunny rabbits.jpeg That's quite a headline.

Apparently, a group of scientists in Japan have studied the effects of mobile phones on 18 male rabbits and published their reports in International Journal of Impotence Research, reports The Guardian.

quotemarksright.jpg ... The study found that sexual activity without ejaculation were the main acts in the exposed group and its duration and frequency increased significantly compared with the controls, whereas the reverse was observed in its mounts with ejaculation. The hormonal assays did not show any significant differences between the study groups.

The study concluded that the pulsed radiofrequency emitted by a conventional mobile phone, which was kept on a standby position, could affect the sexual behavior in the rabbit.

Also, writes The Guardian, the scientists noted the particulars of each mounting, and watched for the moment each rabbit went into "a state of sexual exhaustion". They report that the bunnies with active phones "got sexually exhausted earlier". This discovery, they emphasise, "might have some practical implications".quotesmarksleft.jpg

[via Cellular News]

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