May 25, 2010

Apple says no to iPhone apps as political attack ads

AriDavid.jpg An interesting read, the opinion piece in the LA Times on the Apple store's rejection of Malibu Republican congressional candidate Ari David's iPhone app.

From Ari David's blog:

quotemarksright.jpg A few weeks ago I hired a company to create an I Phone Application for my congressional campaign. My designers told me when we started that Apple would take about two weeks to approve the app after they finished the design and coding. They submitted the app and then we waited and waited and waited. Recently the designers contacted Apple to find out what was taking so long. A couple days ago Apple responded and told us that they were rejecting the submission and told us that they were doing so on the grounds that content in the app is defamatory of my opponent, incumbent Henry Waxman.quotesmarksleft.jpg

And yesterday David attacked Apple in another blog post , noting that the company had approved applications that display "irrational quotes from the Bible" and provide a multimedia biography of Che Guevara but blocked one that offered controversial excerpts from the Koran.

Read full article.

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