March 21, 2010

Message from the grave, straight to your cell phone


A Phoenix-based company called Objecs has created the Memorial RosettaStone Tablet, which makes it possible for cemetery visitors to access text and images merely by touching a cell phone to a headstone.

[via Crave]


-- Last Call: Japanese Tombs link up with cell phones - Bereaved Japanese will be able to keep in touch with their loved ones beyond the grave by using mobile phones to scan bar-coded tombstones and view photos and other information about the deceased.

How handsets are being taken to the grave:

-- The first cases of people asking to be buried with their phone originated in Cape Town - Some people's belief in witchcraft meant they feared that "they could fall under a spell, be put to sleep and actually be buried.

-- The "Phone Angel" - The "Phone Angel," a long-life battery powered cell phone device, allows those in mourning to have contact with the deceased.

-- Japan's camera phone craze spreads to funerals - Japanese mourners at funerals now using the devices to capture a final picture of the deceased.

-- The cellphone gravestone - A cell phone shapped gravestone.

-- Dead Ringer - John Jacobs' $55 Verizon bill gets paid every month and his cell number is even etched into his gravestone under the words "Rest in Peace."

-- Bury me with my cell phone - Anecdotal evidence suggests being buried with a favorite tech device is on the upswing.

-- An iPhone coffin - An iPhone themed casket.

-- Nokia brand coffins - One of the stranger accessories for cell phones on the Ghana market.

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