January 19, 2010

Oprah's campaign to stop texting while driving


Millions of people do it every day, and it's time that we stopped. If you think you have the cell phone, texting and driving thing down…you do not, says Oprah.

She invited people on her show who lost loved ones to cellpone-driving crashes.

On her website, a No Phone Zone where readers are invited to Take the Pledge to make your car a no-phone zone and pass it on.

A Road Text: See what happens when their driving is put to the test.

Find out what you are missing: Think you can drive and chat at the same time? See what distracted driving really does to your brain.

Take the Quizz: How much do you know about the dangers of distracted driving? Put your knowledge to the test.

And for a reality check, watch people talk about their loved ones lost to distracted driving.

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