October 26, 2009

Cell-All Could Put Chemical Sensors Everywhere

New technology that would add chemical sensing capabilities to cell phones has been developed by three researchers as first-generation laboratory prototypes that will be demonstrated at the San Diego State University Regional Technology Center on Tuesday October 27. OH&S reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThis program, named Cell-All, "is designed to provide greater detection capabilities in areas where people congregate," according to the announcement from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate. "The concept allows for chemical agent detectors to ultimately be everywhere where there are cellular telephones.

At the option of the cell phone owner, the GPS in the phone could provide sensor location information to emergency operation centers. While still years from implementation, researchers are working on the proof of concept before attempting full-scale miniaturization. This demonstration will provide a look at the state of the science to date."quotesmarksleft.jpg


-- Radiation detectors in your cell phone (2008) - Purdue University is developing sensors which fit inside a cell phone that can detect radiation, and thus perhaps stop the detonation of a nuclear bomb by terrorists is a bit outlandish to my way of thinking.

-- Saving the World With Cell Phones (2005) - As cell phones evolve to include souped-up games, streaming video and MP3 players, some University of California at Berkeley professors and graduate students want to slip a pollution detector into the mix.

-- Phones that detect terrorist attacks (2003) - A newly opened research center at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA is developing a cell phone that can also detect "dirty bombs" by containing detectors that then upload their information to a central database.

-- PCell phone could warn of gas leaks (2003) - A mobile phone able to warn against fire, leakage of methane or other types of toxic gas has been submitted to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for patent.

-- 2003: Cell Phones - For so much more than just talking ... And down the road, research is working on cell phones which can warn of gas leaks (thanks to sensors that verify changes in the atmosphere) and cell phones that will be able to warn about the presence of bacteria and viruses (thanks to bio-sensors) or detect dirty bombs (thanks to detectors that can upload information to a central database).

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