March 31, 2009

Verisign launches secure password app: VIP Access

big_icon_30623.png As of today, you can now download VIP Access, an iPhone application that will generate a password for your AOL, eBay and PayPal accounts. Itís optional and free to consumers, but if you sign up, no one can get in your account without your user ID, your password, and the six-digit number generated by your phone.

quotemarksright.jpgThe applications come from VeriSign, which has been offering an identification service based on keychain-sized hardware devices for about three years.

VeriSign is testing similar applications for about 40 other phone models, including some BlackBerry models from Research in Motion. You can see a list and download beta versions of the applications here. quotesmarksleft.jpg

Not available though from the Swiss app store - which proably means not available yet in Europe.

[via Bits Blog]

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