February 3, 2009

Mobile use soars as frozen Britain endures the gr8 strm

britain.650.111.jpg It was Britain's first digital big freeze. Mobile phone networks reported a huge leap in text and picture messages yesterday as Britons contacted bosses, family and friends to tell them they had been snowed in/failed to catch that train/been unable to start the car. The Guardian reports.

quotemarksright.jpgVodafone saw a 58% leap in texts to well over 30m, with the peak of activity between 7am and 9am. More than half a million texts were sent in the five minutes after 8am alone.

It also saw a dramatic rise in the number of picture messages sent, as people went out to enjoy the snow. Rival network 3 saw picture messaging double yesterday as people took photos and uploaded them to their blogs or Facebook profiles.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Picture from The New York Times.

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