January 3, 2009

Move Over Kindle - E-Books Hit Cell Phones

big_icon_602.png By the time Amazon comes out with an update of its popular Kindle e-book reader, it might be too late. Applications to read e-books already exist for the iPhone -- and the Android platform isn't far behind. Readers say they don't want to have to carry another device. The E-Commerce Times reports.

quotemarksright.jpg As smartphones have become more ubiquitous, in part thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPhone, so have the tools that make it easy for users to download a book for a fraction of the cost of buying one elsewhere. Users of the iPhone and its cousin, the iPod touch, have downloaded William Shakespeare's collected works more than 300,000 times from the Apple iTunes App Store, according to Readdle, the Ukraine-based startup that created the free application that makes the download possible.

The books section in the Apple iTunes App Store lists about 700 titles; Apple separately offers 72 audio books.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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