November 4, 2008

Obama Counts on Text Messages to Drive Turnout of Youth, Blacks


Barack Obama's campaign is counting on a potent new weapon for Election Day: the humble cell-phone text message. Bloomberg reports.

quotemarksright.jpgTexting may do for the Democratic presidential candidate what arm-twisting precinct captains did in years past: prod millions to get out and vote. The Obama campaign plans to use the millions of cell-phone numbers it has amassed over the past 22 months to blast its supporters with that message today.

The biggest concern for the Obama campaign is getting young people -- who have registered in record numbers and shown unprecedented interest in surveys -- to turn out. In 2004, only 45 percent of those under 30 showed up to vote, according to Census data, making them just 16 percent of the electorate that year.

... Studies show that texting is among the most effective and cheapest ways of getting supporters, particularly blacks, Hispanics and younger voters, to the voting booth. quotesmarksleft.jpg

Photo of a line of voters stretched around the corner at a polling place this morning from The New York Times.

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