October 13, 2008

Text messages save elephants’ lives, villagers’ crops

savetheleephants.gif As elephants’ habitat is destroyed, the great beasts frequently leave their protected reserves, barging into villages and eventually are killed by rangers. But in Kenya, there is a better way: text messaging. [via ZDNet]

"A group called Save the Elephants has outfitted a huge bull elephant named Kimani with a text-messaging collar that alerts rangers whenever he crosses the boundary of the Ol Pejeta conservatory.

The project not only saves the elephants, it protects nearby families and villages from economic devastation and loss of life."

Related articles on tracking wildlife with cell phone technology:

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Cell phone technology helps researches obtain information about animals - Researchers in Kenya and South Africa are using cell phone technology to gather information on elephants, cheetahs, leopards and other animals, reports Pravda.

Cellphone technology to track dolphins and elephants - Reuters reports that South African researchers are planning on tracking dusky dolphins with a new device that uses cell phone sim cards.

-- SMS technology keeps wild wolf on the map - Norwegian researchers have used cellphone text messaging for the first time to track a young wolf that recently crossed the border from neighbouring Sweden.

-- Tracking Moose by SMS - Researchers from the University of Agricultural Sciences of Stockholm are tagging several dozen moose with special cell phones to track their eating habits and movements across the country.

-- Tracking Geese on a 3'000 km flight - UK's Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust tagged 20'000 geese and tracked them with satellite technology from the breeding grounds of Canada to Ireland, a 3'000 km flight.

-- Seals sent out SMS - From the Scottish waters, seals sent out SMS to scientists.

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