April 11, 2008

FCC moves closer to ruling on SMS censorship issue

The FCC is collecting final comments on the subject of text message censorship in preparation for a policy review that will address whether or not mobile carriers should be allowed to discriminate against text message transmitters based on content. ars technica reports.

"The controversy over text message censorship began last year when Verizon initially declined to permit pro-choice abortion activism group NARAL to use an SMS short code for distributing opt-in messages to Verizon customers

... Tech freedom advocacy groups, unsatisfied with Verizon's turnaround have asked the FCC to issue a clear policy position that will block Verizon from engaging in similar practices in the future.

Noting that the FCC already unambiguously forbids similar discrimination in voice calls and e-mails, the activist groups argue that there is no reason why those same protections shouldn't extend to SMS messaging, especially since it is becoming an increasingly important vector for communication."

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