April 2, 2008

Yahoo unveils a smarter mobile search

Yahoo announced a new mobile search strategy Wednesday at CTIA centered on the latest iteration of its Yahoo OneSearch product. NewsBlog reports.

"In a keynote address by Marco Boerries, the company's executive vice president of "connected life," Yahoo OneSearch 2.0 was released, promising "instant answers to any query, not just web links."

This means that search results will expand from traditional hyperlinks into other media--a search for "New York" could yield subway schedules, for example, or a search for local sushi restaurants could bring up available reservations.

Also central to OneSearch is voice-enabled technology. "Consumers can search for anything, including flight numbers, locations, Web site names, local restaurants, and more, by simply speaking," a release from Yahoo detailed.

The voice-activation software is now available for download on a number of RIM's BlackBerry devices, and Yahoo has said that over the next few months it will be compatible with more handsets."

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