February 21, 2008

Satellite Phones on TV's 'Lost' Can't Be Real

080220-lost-actor-02.jpg ABC's LOST is getting some flack for showing fictitious satellite phones. Live Science reports.

"The spiritually-tested castaways struggle with the arrival of newcomers who can actually communicate with the outside world. They carry something resembling a large cell phone with a touch-screen face, like a long narrow Apple iPhone, with no visible antenna. A spokesman for the LOST production company confirmed to LiveScience that the devices are, indeed, supposed to be satellite phones.

In the real world they couldn't possibly be satellite phones.

"No satellite phone handset that I am aware of has any form of touch screen available to the user," said a spokesman for Globalstar Inc., a satellite phone network.

Meanwhile LOST characters are depicted as tracking each other's locations using the handsets' screens, which can apparently deliver high-resolution, full-motion video.

.... Oh well—it is fiction, after all. ABC was not able to supply any out-takes of the phone's screen, because, apparently, it's a computer-generated special effect, indicated the LOST spokesman."

[via TV Tattle]

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