February 11, 2008

Spice launches People's Phone, Braille Phone and Movie Phone

Spice Corp Ltd, a leading Indian telecoms Corporation, is showing several groundbreaking products at the Mobile World Congress 2008 to launch in India, South-East Asia or the Middle East first – with further plans in place to introduce the handset to wider regions. Sidenote: I'm not in Barcelona, what follows are excerpts from an e-mail press release.


-- The Peoples’ Phone (left) – probably the world’s cheapest phone at under US$20 to the consumer.

-- The Braille Phone (center) - at under US$20 to the consumer.

-- The Movie Phone (right) – the world’s first phone to play movies on a disc. In addition, also included is a standard 3.5 mm stereo headset port and an audio-out port. The audio-out port also functions as a TV-out connection transforming the Spice Movie Phone into a home entertainment player with a single cable connection to any TV.

-- MITR (‘a friend’ in Hindi) - a unique user friendly Single Mobile Interface (handset and service operator agnostic) that will deliver a host of must-have web based applications.

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