February 10, 2008

Smart Helmet Call 911 in case of Injury

Spencer%20and%20helmet.jpg An engineering student of the University of Massachusetts Amherst has invented a safety helmet that calls 9-1-1 when the wearer is rendered unconscious in an accident and tells rescuers the casualty's location. AllHeadlineNews reports.

"Inventor Brycen Spencer calls the helmet Wireless Impact Guardian or WIG. The helmet is activated upon wearing it, detects a hit in the head and beeps for a minute or so when this happen.

The location of the accident victim, which is identified by the WIG's built-in GPS device, is included in the emergency call to guide rescuers especially when the casualty is alone in a remote area."

If the beep is not turned off because the wearer is unconscious or disabled, a built-in communication device automatically calls 911. "

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