February 7, 2008

Juno's hamburger phone turns into pop culture icon

juno1_wideweb__470x321%2C2.jpg According to The Sydney Morning Herald, hundreds of Hamburger Phone re flying off eBay's virtual shelves after they appeared in the hit comedy Juno.

"Paul de Carvalho, manager of Fox Searchlight in Australia, said the studio brought 100 Juno-branded phones to Australia for use in promotional giveaways but the product - also sold online without any branding - had since turned into a pop culture icon.

... eBay spokesman Daniel Feiler said in the three months between November 7 and February 5, Australians snapped up 364 hamburger phones. Prices, sales and bids have increased exponentially in the three weeks since the film's local premier.

As demand has increased, so too has the final selling price, which inflated from around $10 in November to around $20 in January. Some have paid up to $56.

In the US, eBay said demand for the retro phones jumped 759 per cent in the month following Juno's release there."

They can also be ordered here.

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