January 12, 2008

Over the Line at C.E.S.

MKTVBGOKIT-2T.jpg Gizmodo gets admonished by David Pogue on Pogues Posts blog for a prank played out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

Armed with TV-B-Gone an infrared clicker that lets you anonymously turn off TV sets in public places - Gizmodo staffers went around turning off exhibitors’ flat-panel screens, disrupting their presentations, baffling technicians and then posted their antics in a video online.

I wasn't at CES but I can well imagine how exhausted bloggers must have been by the last day and how easily silliness could have set it. Gizmodo has apologized - no harm done - and the one good thing that came out of all of this in my books, is finding out about TV-B-Gone. .

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