January 9, 2008

Philippines Minister Proposes a Tax on SMS Messages

The Philippines Trade Secretary, Peter Favila has proposed adding a tax on SMS text messages to help offset income losses from proposals to end the 12% sales tax on oil products, reports Cellular News.

"However, from the tone of the interview, it seems that part of the motivation is less fiscal and more about his "moral" views on the country's considerable SMS culture."

Favila told GMANews in an interview that imposing a tax on short messaging system (SMS) could make Filipinos shift their focus on endeavors that are more productive. "Texting is also a source of negative reason...(and) it makes people more cynical," he said in an ambush interview shortly after the weekly press conference of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

The Philippines has been considering Taxing text messages as of 2004 (related links).

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