December 26, 2007

Factory worker runs up $54k mobile bill

0BFD36C1-F6EB-30B0-87E7C902E2EC454F.jpg Ian Simpson, 29, was sent a bill for 27,322 ($54.129) for four weeks' service after wiring his mobile up to a laptop to download TV shows - and only then found out his 41.50-a-month deal didn't include unlimited web use. The Mirror reports. [via Techmeme]

"Last night the factory worker, from Darlington, Yorks, said he feared he could be made bankrupt.

... "The intensity of Ian's downloading was such that by the time our systems flagged anything up he had already racked up a massive bill" said Vodafone.

"Our advice would be to never use a mobile as a modem. We will try to come to some sympathetic arrangement. And we hope he won't make the same mistake again."

Just recently: - Canadian gets $85k mobile phone bill

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