December 5, 2007

Text Messaging celebrates 15th Birthday

easy-cake-recipes-01.jpg In December 1992, Airwide Solutions was responsible for delivering the first ever SMS. The message, delivered on the Vodafone network, said 'Merry Christmas"and the man who sent it, Neil Papworth, is still working as an engineer for Airwide today.

... To celebrate fifteen years of SMS, Airwide last night hosted an industry party in London, which included a panel discussion on the evolution of SMS and the future of mobile messaging.

The panel focused on what growth potential remained in mobile messaging and how consumers will adapt to new messaging formats. The panel agreed that text culture is here to stay and, with applications such as mobile advertising, mobile internet, payments and location-based services, text messaging will continue its growth even in a mature market.

There was unanimous agreement that global mobile subscribers will drive the continued growth in SMS and, as new messaging technologies are developed, it is the consumer who will decide which format will be successful in fifteen years time.

[Press release]

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