October 20, 2007

Japanese skirt to ward off crime


The Age reports on concepts from Japan designed to ward off crime. Unlike the American way which would be to learn self-defense and carry pepper spray, the above skirt serves as a disguise, by converting a person into a vending machine, to elude pursuers.

In a somewhat stretched relationship to this blog's focus, such a skirt could also be considered as another "Isolation from cell phones idea".

But read full article, which mentions other Japanese amazing defense devices:

Take the "manhole bag", a purse that can hide your valuables by unfolding to look like a round sewer cover. Put it on the street with your wallet still inside, and unwitting thieves are supposed to walk right by. (Picture posted on Gizmodo)

There is also a line of knife-proof high school uniforms, and a book with tips for mothers on how to dress even the most modest children like "pseudo-hoodlums" to scare away schoolyard bullies. (Picture posted on Gizmodo)

Interesting, The Age writes that "the frequency of violent crime in Japan is actually low by international standards. But the creators argue that Japan's ideas about crime prevention are the product of deeper cultural differences".

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